As a matter of fact, waist beads are very powerful ‘instrument’ on the woman. They are common among the Krobos in the Eastern Regional part of Ghana.

Some ladies choose to wear them in multiples; others wear just one.

Nabia Waist beads

They’re made from recycled broken bottles and rubber.

The main idea behind the wearing of waist beads was to check weight, so when the beads get tighter, you know you’re putting on, and when they’re loose, you know you’ve lost weight.

But in the olden days, women wore them in multiples so they could rattle as they walk to send signals to men. The sound of it could send signals to the male’s brain and then down to his penis to ejaculate.

When a woman is naked with the bead around her waist, it is a good sight to behold. They are worn loosely so they can rest on the V-boot, but others wear them tight on their bikini lines.

In some homes, women wear different beads to communicate to their partners.

They have a bead they wear when they’re in their period, so when the man sees, straight away, he knows she’s in ‘Red’.

Nabia Waist Beads

A bead to show she’s horny, those are usually made like crystals, they glitter, so when the man sees, he roots.

There’s also ‘I’m not ready one’… When she wears, it means no sex! Usually, after the first round of sex, it’s believed that; if the man starts touching and ‘praying’ the beads on the woman it awakens the penis right away for a second round.

Finally, when a man is impotent or sexually weak, listen here, just insert the penis in between the lady’s skin and the bead; usually from behind, he should give himself 10 minutes, the power from the bead would enter the penis and let it stand at attention!

Ladies, don’t underestimate waist beads! Get yours, they are important!

Story credit: Ghanaweb

Tips for Selecting the Right Hair Style for Your Face, Your Age…and Your Dating Desires

Dear Stare At My Hair,

While sometimes it seems like men are just staring at your chest, (and sometimes they are!) the truth is that your face is the first thing they notice, and hair is the frame on the face. Socially, your hair is a cue that tells men about who you are. Power bobs and a sleek ponytail telegraph a message to the world that you’re business-like, efficient, and that you have work to do — great for a job interview, but not for dating. Long locks tell the world that you’re a sensual woman. You care about having hair that looks and feels good. You take care of your hair because sensuality, and looking sexy is important to you. The message you’re telegraphing is that you’ll take care of him in “that way” too. Sensuality and sexiness are important to you in more areas than just hair.

Bottom line: you want your dating-self to have the kind of hair that makes him want to look at you again.

Loving it long:

Men love women’s hair, and they love it long, so I completely recommend a long hairstyle, but there are different ways to have long hair. You can have butt length hair, but you can also have shoulder length hair or below –the-shoulder length hair – all of which give you the look of having long hair.

When making a decision on what works best for your dating-self, start with the big picture by looking at your body shape first, then look at your face shape.

Body Shape:

The hair on your head affects your entire look, so if you are petite, hair down to your butt is going to make you look like Cousin It. If you are in your 20s you may not want a blown dry, “finished” look that is more mature than your years. And if you’re (confessing to) 40, be careful that your hair doesn’t look like it belongs on a teenager and that you’re desperate to hold on to the past instead of enjoying all your assets (and hopefully his, too!) in the present. You want men to be comfortable with your hair, and that means you have to be comfortable with it too, not desperate.

Credit: April Masini

Wigs come in a variety of sizes. From petite wigs to average and large wigs, The Wig Company offers cap sizes to fit every head. But, how do you know which one is the right fit for you? Easy. Follow our simple step by step guide below and learn how to measure your head for your new wig.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

STEP 1: Start by pulling your hair up and away from your face and securing it with a hairband or clip. If your hair is short, try using a cloth headband to hold your hair back.

STEP 2: Using a flexible tape measure, lay the tape around the back of your head touching the base of your skull at a point where the wig will end and pull it forward just above your ears. Position the end of the tape at the mid-point of your front hairline. This will measure your head ‘circumference’.

STEP 3: Record your measurement. Once you have your head measurement, reference the number in the size chart to find the wig cap size that’s right for you.

Find your Perfect Fit

Ear to EarFront to BackCircumference

Mini Petite12.5“12.75″20.25-20.75”

It’s important to consider your body frame and volume of your natural hair to ensure accuracy in size selection.

  • If you have a petite body frame and a full head of hair with moderate length, you are probably ‘Petite’. If you have thick, long hair, go up a size.
  • If you have a medium body frame and a full head of hair with moderate length, you are probably ‘Average’. If you have thick, long hair, go up a size. If you have sparse, thin, or no hair, go down a size.
  • If you have a larger body frame, your head circumference exceeds 22½”, and you have a full head of hair with moderate length, you are probably ‘Large’. If you have sparse, thin, or no hair, go down a size.

The Wig Company also offers a few select styles in ‘half sizes’.

Mini-petite: the circumference and depth are approximately ¼” to ½” smaller than Petite

Petite/Average: the circumference and depth are approximately ¼” to ½” larger than Petite

Average/Large: the circumference and depth are approximate ½” larger than Average

Each full-cap wig comes with adjustment features (Velcro or soft buckle sizing tabs) inside the wig cap, that can expand or contract up to 1″ in circumference, ensuring maximum comfort.

 The way your wig fits your head is very important. A good, comfortable fit is necessary, especially when wearing a wig for an extended amount of time. If you are a first-time wig wearer, you may want to order two different sizes to try and keep the one that fits best. Once you discover your favourite size (located on the size label inside most wig caps), be sure to write it down so you can reference it the next time you order a wig.

Selecting the right wig for yourself.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Selecting the right wig can be a very difficult decision. There are many different choices of colours, styles, brands and wig types available in the market. However, before making the final decision people need to know the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are made with natural harvested human hair. Natural wigs are as natural as your hair, they feel, act and look like your own hair. Whereas, the synthetic wigs are created by the fibres using special technology to give an overall natural feel to the wig.

1. Natural Hair Wig:

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When buying a human hair wig it is important to consider the best choices available (that is why, we only sell human hair wigs from the highest quality of brands such as Janet Collection, Model Model & Bobbi Boss). Just like another wig, human hair wigs also have many advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the pros and cons of human hair wigs:


  • Human hair wigs come in many different textures, making it easy for buyers to buy a wig that matches the texture of their own hair.
  • Natural hair wigs can be coloured and styled just like your own hair, however, it is best to take the wig to the hairstylist if you want to change the style of the wig.
  • Human hair wigs can last longer compared to synthetic wigs. If the wig is used daily and properly cared for,  it could last longer than a year.


  • Natural hair wigs need to be highly maintained, just like your own hair. They need to be washed, conditioned and re-styled very often.
  • The natural hair wig colours can fade away much fast if they are exposed to the light.
  • Human hair wigs are very expensive compared to the synthetic wigs, they also require more time and skills in restyling.

2. Synthetic Wigs:

Image result for pure synthetic wig

There are many misconceptions about synthetic wigs not being as high quality as the human hair wigs which in many cases isn’t true. There are many synthetic wigs which are the same quality as the human hair wigs. They might not be lost as long compared with natural hair wigs but they do tend to be very high-quality wigs.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Synthetic wigs are very easy to take care of. As synthetic wigs are known as style retention, which means you will not have to style them. After washing the wig just shake it and it will go back to the same style.
  • One of the main advantage with the synthetic wig is that, the colour of the wig will last longer than human hair wigs. You can select as many colours as you want with synthetic wigs.
  • High-quality synthetic wigs can also give 100% natural look just like human hair wigs. They will not require high maintenance like human hair wigs.


  • One of the disadvantages of a synthetic wig is that it will not last long like human hair wigs. Human hair wigs normally last for one year or more, whereas, the synthetic wig will only last for up to 3-6 months.
  • You cannot straighten or curl the synthetic wig with heated styling tools, as they are not heat friendly.
  • Synthetic wig cannot be coloured since the original wig colour will not adhere to the fibres and synthetic wigs have unnatural shine which cannot be hidden by the colouring as well.  

Let us know what type of wigs you prefer to use?

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Make sure to check out our human hair wigs and synthetic wigs – we have a variety for you to choose from.