Tips for Selecting the Right Hair Style for Your Face, Your Age…and Your Dating Desires

Dear Stare At My Hair,

While sometimes it seems like men are just staring at your chest, (and sometimes they are!) the truth is that your face is the first thing they notice, and hair is the frame on the face. Socially, your hair is a cue that tells men about who you are. Power bobs and a sleek ponytail telegraph a message to the world that you’re business-like, efficient, and that you have work to do — great for a job interview, but not for dating. Long locks tell the world that you’re a sensual woman. You care about having hair that looks and feels good. You take care of your hair because sensuality, and looking sexy is important to you. The message you’re telegraphing is that you’ll take care of him in “that way” too. Sensuality and sexiness are important to you in more areas than just hair.

Bottom line: you want your dating-self to have the kind of hair that makes him want to look at you again.

Loving it long:

Men love women’s hair, and they love it long, so I completely recommend a long hairstyle, but there are different ways to have long hair. You can have butt length hair, but you can also have shoulder length hair or below –the-shoulder length hair – all of which give you the look of having long hair.

When making a decision on what works best for your dating-self, start with the big picture by looking at your body shape first, then look at your face shape.

Body Shape:

The hair on your head affects your entire look, so if you are petite, hair down to your butt is going to make you look like Cousin It. If you are in your 20s you may not want a blown dry, “finished” look that is more mature than your years. And if you’re (confessing to) 40, be careful that your hair doesn’t look like it belongs on a teenager and that you’re desperate to hold on to the past instead of enjoying all your assets (and hopefully his, too!) in the present. You want men to be comfortable with your hair, and that means you have to be comfortable with it too, not desperate.

Credit: April Masini